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  • I’d give it five stars just for entertainment value, but since I’m reviewing the entire experience, I’m going to have to go with four (but I’d do four and a half if I could). You could tell this was their first show of this run – no major problems, but there was plenty of subtle shakiness and minor kinks being worked out. Nothing that detracted much from the experience though, and I’m sure they’ll end up flawless by the end of the run, if not before. Still, the performers’ tremendous talent and creativity was dazzling and well worth seeing – I’d definitely see the show again, or anything else by this group, and would strongly recommend it. I should also emphasize that the YouTube clips I saw of the group spoke a lot more to the kind of act they are than did the artists’ description in the program guide – so you may still want to consider seeing them even if the description doesn’t sound exciting to you. This may also be a product of the first-show-of-the-run situation, but I do have to mention that the production values could have been a bit better. The sound, while generally well-designed, was unacceptably, painfully loud for long stretches; and I really couldn’t tell if the sustained high pitches and the screeching, creaking sounds at points were unintentionally amplified byproducts of the stage equipment or were purposeful (and, I think, misguided) attempts at avant-garde noise. A few other minor details (why was there an extra belayer on stage at the end with just a T-shirt and shorts and no costume to match the others?), but that was mostly it. Overall though, an excellent, stunning, unique, not-to-be-missed show.
  • ~ Owen
  • about: Sub Rosa