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Cosmo, a native of Denver, Colorado, has been an acrobat since 2008. Cosmo has trained acrobatics all over the world including Ecole de cirque de Quebec, NECCA, SANCA, Circus Warehouse, across Europe, the Caribbean, and China. Cosmo has experience in circus acrobatics including hoop diving, tumbling, martial arts tricking, fast-track, handbalancing, aerial straps, Chinese pole, parkour, and trampoline.

Cosmo is a student teacher at the Boulder Movement Collective, a professional photographer, and coach at MOTH Contemporary Circus Center and Frequent Flyers. In addition to thousands of hours of personal reading, research, practice, and teaching; Cosmo has trained extensively across the world learning from great Movement instructors including Ido Portal, Jim Bathurst (, handbalancer Yuval Ayalon, circus coach Jean-Luc Martin, Yuri Marmerstein, and Rafe Kelley.

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