Marisa Kellogg

  • Eco Wakeing

Born and raised in the Nation’s Capital, Marisa has dedicated much of her life to creative movement. At the age of 4, her parents enrolled her in a local gym to accommodate her need for physical expression. She competed in high-level gymnastics at local, national, and international venues, along the way becoming attracted to many forms of dance. After moving to Colorado, she developed a love of the mountains and joining the Ascendance Project as a company member enabled her to celebrate the fusion of dance, gymnastics and rock climbing in a unique performance setting. She continues to enjoy creative outlets as a gymnastics coach and choreographer, but becoming a member of Fractal Tribe has ignited a passion for circus arts and provided an opportunity to combine her talents and interests in a way she never imagined. She has been inspired to continue to develop her abilities in partner acrobatics, hand balancing, aerial and fire performance.

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