Big Mike

Mike has been a rope performer, artist and educator since 2009, training under people like Lee Harrington, Lew Rubens and Wykd Dave. Venues he has performed and taught in range from private residences to the Oregon Convention Center. Mike’s rope workshops are designed to make the beautiful art of rope bondage accessible to everyone. After sharing the stage with Portland’s Wanderlust Circus and AWOL dance collective he started training in partner and group acrobatics in 2013 with the Rose City Acro Devils. His training in acrobatics has enhanced his rope performances and given them a unique circus flare. Fractal Tribe, Rose City Acro Devils, and Super Geek League have all featured his partner acrobatic work. With a background in stage rigging and a passion for safety, Mike has started teaching safety workshops for aerial and circus arts. Fractal Tribe will be presenting a safety workshop with Mike and Joe Ramas in 2016 that focuses on rigging in the wild: corporate gigs and unfamiliar theaters, the do’s and don’ts of moving from an aerial student to a professional performer.

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