Rainbow Michael

Michael is the founder and creator of Cosmic Fire. He has been fire dancing for 4 years and continues to get better and better as time goes on. It seems like the well of inspiration is never ending when it comes to learning and progressing as a performer. Training to be a Fire dancer has become a way of life for Michael and it shows with his knowledge base of technical and dance based moves. He has been on Tour with some of the most recognized fire performers in the country and has been featured in two instructional videos. Michael is also a Yogi and a Poet that seeks connection with the world at large.

Michael is known for connecting with his audience members and giving them a show that they won’t forget, when it comes to stage presence you just gotta see it to believe it. Michael has an upbeat personality and a smile that you will remember. Not only is he a performer but he makes and sells his own fire dancing equipment that is used by a variety of professional performers. When he is not training then he can be found teaching the fire dancing arts.

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