Liam Lefey

Liam LeFey is a movement artist, originally from Minnesota. He began as a dancer at the University of Minnesota, and performed professionally with a number of dance companies in Minneapolis. He has been performing and choreographing for years. In 2007 he moved to Boulder Colorado where he worked with Frequent Flyers. After two years he struck out on his own, moved to Denver, and began teaching and performing as a freelancer. Now he does everything from aerial to dancing on the side of buildings. Lately, his choreography has focused on duets. He runs LeFey’s Aerial Gym in Denver, where he teaches and coaches. He still dances on the floor. Occasionally.

His teaching and coaching experience ranges from beginning level students all the way to award-winning professional aerialists.

He is available to teach workshops and perform. Duet availability is subject to partner availability or training time with a new partner.

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